Hi KemuntoLovers that is gonna be your name guys from this day…so lets jump in and give you KL some bits of my experience with dating online i started dating online when i was about 21 years old after my first ex boyfriend from school crushed my heart and i thought i would never live again ……… here i went saying that i do not want anything to do with boys and they frustrations i tell you if you have ever dated a African Man especially a Kenyan at that you would know that they are big time PLAYERS and FUCK boys ……so i decided my remedy after my first ever heartbreak to date outside my race …how to do this i had no idea but i was convenience that by only dating outside race i will get to experience the other side of dating.So the challenge came when where to find other race so diffficult cause at the time i was studying in Mombasa and i was a very shy girl to approach a guy face to face… lucky for me one day as i was scrolling facebook i came across a dating site advert called afrointroduction i immediattely clicked the link and signed up for the site ….as required i posted my cute photos there and oh my do i tell you i just gotten about 20 white men interested with me.
i liked back several of them and i started chatting with one of them that the conversation was flowing really well… thing lead to another and that is how he told me to sign up again for skype so we can face time.i did but bare in mind KL that i didn’t have a laptop or a good phone for facetime so all this i did on the cybercafe.The next day the sweet online guy sent me money through western union so as i go buy myself a laptop to use while we skype and chat…i did that and was so eager to have the first date with him….holy molly just as i logged in on skype the dude was all naked and showing me his hard on…..omg…i was so shocked and naive and didn’t know what to do or say………….
Iam gonna leave at this to be CONTINUED PART 2 of the series…..
comment below of how you think i reacted at the site of his P….

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