Anti-Online Dating Lover Finds True Love Online!!!😎

Amelia, 39, from Mombasa,Kenya, was what she calls “notoriously anti-online dating.” She had tried Afrointroduction a few years prior and she had felt overwhelmed by the experience. “It was overwhelming to have so many men trying to make contact with me (and some were old enough to be my father). It felt like ‘work’ so I took down my profile fairly quickly,” she says.

Ironically, even when she was railing against online dating, she was still tempted by the dating sites. On several occasions, she made profiles, but then deleted them before submitting. She also would periodically peek at Afrointroduction out of curiosity, and twice she made a profile, but deleted it. “Funny thing is that when I would actually consider maybe making a profile, I would see this guy on there who I would run into frequently through my job. I wasn’t interested in him, so I thought it would be really awkward if I did make a profile and he tried to initiate contact with me. When I found out he got married, then I felt I could make a profile safely,” she jokes.

On February, 2013, she finally ended up making a Afrointroduction profile, which she committed to. “Really it was God that gave me the courage to make a profile and actually submit it. I think it was a combination of factors that made me ready to do this. I had reached a place in my faith where I truly believed God had a husband for me, so I wasn’t as resistant to opening up avenues for God to work. Plus, it was holiday time.

To her surprise, the next day she received a message from another recent member named Roberto 59, from Berlin,Germany. “We were drawn to one another by a shared devotion to the Blessed Mother and the Miraculous Medal,” they say.

Amelia adds, “I joke with Roberto that he’s lucky he reached out to me when he did or I may have deleted my profile!”

A few weeks later, on February 29th, 2013–with plans to meet each…Roberto flew all the way Mombasa Kenya to meet her love. “The first thing we noticed about one another was that we were wearing blue our favorite colors.

I am never going to meet someone!

At brunch, they exchanged gifts, and to their surprise, they both had brought the same gift. “Each of us gave the other a rosary,” they share. Their date was going so well that they never wanted it to end. “We had spent a large amount of time getting to know one another first through the Afrointroduction site, then email and then by phone. So, by the time we met face-to-face, it was a great moment,” Amelia says. “I remember getting in my car to go home and thinking “Oh my gosh, I just met my husband!”Random

Before meeting Roberto, Amelia thought she’d never meet a good loyal honest man who would meet her extremely high expectations. Now she felt sure that she had met the man she would marry, and she saw little signs that heaven was confirming their relationship. For one, her friendship with Roberto was bringing her closer to God. “It felt surreal. I can say that as a devoted, life-long Christian, I had never felt the love of Jesus and Our Blessed Mother come alive and feel so real as when Roberto was brought into my life. As someone who experienced singleness for so many years and all the pain and heartache that comes with this cross, the answer to my many prayers in such an extraordinary way caused the love of God to come alive for me in a way I cannot express with words.”

Praying a Chaplet via text

Both of them found the traveling back and forth to see each other challenging, but they also knew that any difficulties were worth it. They enjoyed spending time together, meeting each other’s friends and family, and attending Mass together on the weekends. To keep connected during the weekdays, they would “prayer text” each other everyday at 3:00 p.m. for the Divine Mercy. “One of us would text, ‘For the sake of His sorrowful Passion…’ and the other would respond, ‘Have mercy on us, and on the whole world.'” In the evening, during the week, they would have nightly FaceTime conversation, then comes the proposal had agreed early on that they were not dating, per se, but that we were entering a discernment process for marriage. Six months after they met, they prayed a nine-day Rosary Novena for guidance as to what was next for them. “It was on that ninth day that it had been confirmed that marriage was in our future,” she recalls. In August of 2014, they set their wedding date and booked the church for the following summer on the Feast of the ProposalAssumption on August 15th, 2015, even before Roberto had officially proposed. “Roberto had waited until after we set the date to propose because he wanted to let my Dad know he was going to ask me, and he wanted to take time to ring shop with me, so I could have something I’d really like.”

On November 1st, 2014, he proposed to her in front of a Grotto of the Blessed Mother. “He was originally planning to propose a couple of weeks prior to this date but this plan didn’t work out so he chose the next weekend that I would travel down to berlin for a visit, which happened to be November 1st. He later discovered that the date he ended up proposing was the date that Pope Pius XII declared August 15th to be the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother into heaven. We were delighted when we discovered this confirmation that our union was blessed by Our Heavenly Mother,” they share.



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