Hi bb if you are new in Nairobi and wondering what are the best places to eat out and shop for fresh groceries that are on the affordable price then relax and read this post.I am gonna make it short and precises.
GUYS THIS IS THE PLACE TO SHOP ALL YOUR THINGS FROM GROCERIES TO TAMPONS TO FURNITURE TO Makeups(sleek,maybelline,Marykay,,,,,, EVERYTHING at a quality and original products…they normally have a loyality master card where you can deposit cash and buy everything at there store using this card so hence no need to carry cash all the time so that is a plus.there normally have a special discounts from time to time like currently there have a back to school discount
I love this place and this is where 99% where i buy my makeup products cause trust me when you live in Nairobi you can be duped by buying fake maybelline/sleek/revlon products at the original price but find that there are not original i just stick buying my makeup at Nakumatt beauty section store just inside Nakumatt supermarket.
Nakumatt outlets are spread widely through out Nairobi ,Mombasa,Kisii even in the suburbs ..there are in every mall i frequently visit the Garden city mall &TRM ones

Ok this one has every vegetables you can imagine especially for those of has who have started the green smoothie challenge in our lifestyle this store has everything from wheat grass,celery,grape fruit,kiwi all organic no gmos here even most of the fruits i can’t name them …..
Recently at the Garden city mall store there have introduced there delicious icecream flavour and i have become hooked its a must treat once a week for me and my sister (if you wanna check that post about there icecream have written on my blog just scroll down you will see it)..there also have a discount rate on there watermelons ,kales amoung many more …don’t forget to check them out…i saw there also have a store at Nakumatt junction and i guess sarit centre too…

3;Healthy U
This is majorly a weight loss store that have mostly selling chia seeds,flax seeds,hemp seed among other seeds..protein powders…they also have a nutriotionist on stand by to consult with you.they sell mostly organic food…
they have a store at Garden city mall check them out .

OK guys if you are in Nairobi and you have never been to Java what you waiting for seriously…ItS the STARBUCKS OF AFRICA LITERALLY THE BEST COFFEE HOUSE their coffee are amazing and they just don’t stop there there burgers they salads its just a 7 star restraunt quality …stop there and order you won’t regret it i promise…

please you all know KFC so there are in Africa Kenya precisely and the kukus are making nairobians go kuku (the Elani song ringing lol) please do drop by….


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