I remember when i used to model in nairobi,i started modelling in my first year at the university,after my first trial i got many requests from designers to be show casing their work on runways.I saw myself going places with modeling,i even imagined being the next Naomi Campbel,but somewhere along my journey i met my downfall in form of a man..it was on this friday that i was invited by a designer to showcase her bikini wear at brew bistro that i met this 28year old italian man..after my runway he followed me and requested if i could join him for a drink,i accepted because the guy looked cute and young.so after changing i joined him ,he was hanging out with his friends.The night was so nice,we danced we drunk and at around 3am we parted ways after exchanging contacts and schedling a lunchdate the following at intercontinental.He paid my uber and we drove off with my friends..
So the following day we met for lunch at intercon,i delayed but found him already there,wow when i saw him my heart skipped i mean he looked more cute than,he,was at,the club..so after lunch we had some talks,he,told me he would be around for 2weeks and he liked me so much,his daddy is a businessman and he was establishing some company here in kenya..Then i was staying in some apartment in karen.He was a photographer and told me he would like a photo session with,me so on sunday we went to Ngonghills for photography and it was until too late then he suggested that i should stay at his apartmen.i did…
I spent my night here and it was the longest night ever.After drinking some whisky.we sslept in the same bed ,by the way i used to take whiiskey but not anymore after what it caused me to fall into.after a serious romance and cuddling we were so high and we wanted more of ourselves ,how stupid i was i fucked with this boy without a condom..In the morning i was thinking what if hes HIV positive,what if i get pregnant.but my chances for pregnancy were zero because i always monitor my,cycle so i never took p2..After we met again before he left fr Italy..so i was left behind not knowing i was carrying a kid..Two months no periods i decided to test and here it was positive..I didnt know,how he would,take it but he was responsible and he had to know about it.so i told him and he accepted that i should just keep it..
After a month Romeo came back we did a civil marriage and i moved to italy..I was adviced when i arrived there i apply for a residence permit which ii. Received one month after my arrival in italy..i was given 5years stay permit..Two months in italy i realised how i had made a bad choice,my romeo started using me to fullfill his sexual desires,he would fuck me and cum in my mouth,one time he fucked my asshole auch..whenn i was almoost 8months pregnant,i talked to my cousin who was in belgium and asked if i could visit thats how i was able to runaway .
I gave birth to a babygal while at my cousin place..Am comfortable where i am now but romeo is calling everytime wanting to see the child,but what i know he will never set his evil eyes on my daughter after sodomizing me even when i was very pregnant,i will bring up my child man solo..hawa wazungu nawakodolea tu macho kwanza Ben 10s ,nimejichuna maskio


chitchat for Nairobi moms;online dating sex maniac fucks for 4 hours straight

Hallo mums ,am now 3yrs in marriage with two kids,i met my 39yrs old german boy in 2014 january after chatting and skyping for six months,actually we met on a dating site.2014 jan was our first meeting and he had said immediately we meet we should get married,i was so willing to get married and leave this country after clearing my degree in bcom and had not landed a job,our meeting was okay,he came for two weeks and during that period i introduced him to my family,he was a nice guy and i couldnt wait to marry him and leave.But due to some processes we had to follow we couldnt get married immediately so he had to go back and come again after two months when everything was ready,we did a simple and nice wedding with both our parents involved,his family travelled all the way to witness there sons wedding,he was the only child in his family..after our honey moon in south africa my visa was ready and i travelled with my husband to Dusseldorf Germany..My husband was still staying with his parents in their home..
So i joined and we were living as a happy family,two weeks after my arrival in german i noticed my husband had changed his bedroom behavior,he could fuck me almost 4hrs ,i cried and pleaded but he insisted that am his wife and i should fulfill my duties to him..you know too much of something is poisonous and you cant enjoy it when its too much..I fell pregnant and in 2015 january i conceived our daughter.. My husband sexual desires kept growing and he did that to me even when i was 8months pregnant .when my daughter was 3months i started feeling sick and when i went to the doctor shock on me i was carrying another pregnancy..i felt like aborting it but i couldnt because my husband and his parents were against it..so i had to struggle with my pregnancy and my little daughter,in late november the same year 2015 i gave birth to my boy..
I wanted to immediately used a family planning but my mother inlaw was against..my mother inlaw was lovely but he used to be under control of everything,my husband is a mamas boy and before he does anything he has to consult his mother,during december that year my husband went to morocco for a holiday With his friends,i was left alone because my son was still young and i didnt want to move him around,for two weeks in morocco his phone was off all this time no,checking on the kids as he usually does no anything,i was stressed as you know how morocco is with those ladies..when he came back from holiday,he was just cold,and i noticed his phone had a password.Asking him he assumed..one day while we were sleeping,i took the phone and tried cracking the password ,and yes i did it,i went direct to the gallery and what i saw i almost went mad..
I found photos of my husband with some two ladies in bed,the ladies looked like those thailand girls,one was sucking his dick while the other one was massaging him,i cried tears that i have never cried in my life.so even after fulfilling my duties as a wife,someone could still go to look for hookers to suck his dick..when he woke up he found me crying with his phone on the hand,he asked what i was doing with his phone and why am crying ,we exchanged words to almost a point of fighting ,his parents down stairs heard the comotion and came to see what was happening..Immediately he had his parents coming he snatched the phone from my hand and deleted the photos ,i tried explaining to the parents but they declained since there was no evidence,my husband defended himself saying am just jealousy for nothing .I decided to act as a fool because my kids were still young and i couldnt start moving up and down with them.i acted a fool but everytime my husband could touch me i could cry remembering the photo with the girls in bed.I ignored everything because i just had to make it work ,we were still young couples and i couldnt imagine going back home that am divorced..
Due to his guilt concious he started buying for me presents,pretending to always be there for us,taking me for dinner but still that picture i saw was killing me deep inside.
Last year may i fell pregnant again with my third child ,due to a condition i have my gyna recommended that i use natural family planning until my son is 1yr old but on the way my husband declined using condoms and hence my third pregnancy,when he knew i was pregnant,he was happy ..I thought that would make my husband calm down but huyu malaya amenifika kwenye koo this round.. After making me a baby machine he now travelles in different countries fucking ladies while am here with my big stomach and children carrying left and right..when i ask his parents to talk to him they say nothing ,am here stressed with fake labour waiting to give birth in some month time twende divorce with this son of a bitch but i dont know how i will bring up my kids alone am 26yrs old..
and those wondering how he used to fuck me for 4hrs,yes my husband is a sex maniach and to add on that he takes some pills and theres a lotion he applieas on his dick that makes him erect for hours..

How One Of my dear friend got into SWINGER COUPLE AND THREESOME SEX

I met my hubby from Afrointroductions dating site,he is from Austria and 48 years old.That’s was 2012.It has been a hell life for me but you know I have to cope because of papers and where I come from we are not that well off.We met and stay like two months chatting and then Andreas came to Nairobi to visit me and eventually his this kind of a guy well build and self employment meaning he got her own companies in Austria.When he was in Nairobi we clicked very well and deeply fall in love and here we were lover birds.Andreas had only came for 2weeks due to his businesses he had to go back to Austria and check on them but he promised me he wanted to marry me and make me his wife when he come second round.I was so excited and ready to marry him cos at that time he meant the world to me.I remember he came back on August the same year and we went to my parents and he paid dowry in full and here was our dream wedding, I mean beach dream wedding.After the wedding he didn’t have time for honeymoon because he had to go and look after his companies and there I understood him.He left me behind and I went to Austria embassy in Nairobi for visa ,its was processed within 3weeks I got my visa and I was ready to join my husband in Austria in Wien.I was so happy that soon I will be with the love of my life forever.The day came and I went to Austria.When i arrived in Wien airport on my way out after all the checks up I saw my husband standing there waiting for me with flowers on his hand little did I know that was the beginning of my night mares to sleep with different men and women for his sexually satisfaction.
The first day I was treated like a queen and you know all the ushamba from Kenya and here you find a big house well furnished and your the madam of that house,I felt like all my dreams have been accomplished.This went on like 2months after 2 good months of being pampered and being taken to expensive places and expensive shoppings,my hubby all over suddenly started acting weird when I ask him,he will just tell me he just have stress from work.I didn’t bother too ask but be there for him and comfort him.When I arrived in Austria he told me I don’t need to work or if I want I can work for him in his companies and I agreed.One day he came home so cool even greeting me he didn’t do it and I assumed maybe he has a lot of stressed only to be called in the bedroom that he need to talk to me.I went up stairs to listen to what he wanted to say and here came the shock of my life.him:Do you know i bought you from your parents and your my property now;the shock on my face and you know I was this naive girl only looking for green pasture to better my life.I didn’t replied neither did he bothered to ask me why I didn’t replied to him and I went downstairs to make the story short that day he invited me to swinger club and I didn’t object it because I knew it was just a normal club. We went there and shock on me it was a club where you will see women to men dancing naked in a seductive way and even other fucking there and no ones cares.
We went and find a place to sit and watch while the waiters there were serving drinks.Before the waiter came my hubby excused himself that he is going to toilet and he will be back in some couple of mins,I saw him heading to toilet but before he entered the toilet,the counter was near the toilet door and he stood there and talk with the cashier guy then after like 5 mins the talk ended little did I know he was a loyal customer there and they know him and all his fetish behaviours. He came back and sitted and the waiters brought our drinks and we started drinking but to my surprise some women could come near to my hubby and and he would spank them and laugh while looking at me,I didn’t bother so much and I continue sipping my wine .All over suddenly I started feeling dizzy and excused myself to toilet ,I washed my face but no I didn’t felt better and I went back and sit and pretend I was okay but deep inside I was no feeling okay and I felt like sleeping.From there I don’t remember what happened but I wake up the following morning and found myself in between my husband and another woman.Yes that night I had sex but I don’t know how cos i felt it and I remembered nothing at all,so it was my first time to have 3some and I saw on the floor some dildos too.I tried to ask but my hubby said shit happened and it has happened and he love it most when having 3somen even watching me being fucked by other men make him cums a lot.That has been my life for the 4years and am so really into this life though have got my papers and done a lot of investments back in Kenya but am sick and tired with this life and we don’t have any kid together.He don’t love kids and I want to be a mother one day.I want to divorce him but I can’t am too addicted to this kind of life and so into 3somes and other horrible crazy things when I narrate now jamillah to you I don’t know how you will take it,I need help and really help.
Please she has not wrote to me part two,if she want to continue I will edit it here so its up to her and I can’t force her to open up the other horrible things ni uamuzi wake,Just help her with advice’s those who are in Austria and all the other wise advise she is here following mwenyewe.