chitchat for Nairobi moms;online dating sex maniac fucks for 4 hours straight

Hallo mums ,am now 3yrs in marriage with two kids,i met my 39yrs old german boy in 2014 january after chatting and skyping for six months,actually we met on a dating site.2014 jan was our first meeting and he had said immediately we meet we should get married,i was so willing to get married and leave this country after clearing my degree in bcom and had not landed a job,our meeting was okay,he came for two weeks and during that period i introduced him to my family,he was a nice guy and i couldnt wait to marry him and leave.But due to some processes we had to follow we couldnt get married immediately so he had to go back and come again after two months when everything was ready,we did a simple and nice wedding with both our parents involved,his family travelled all the way to witness there sons wedding,he was the only child in his family..after our honey moon in south africa my visa was ready and i travelled with my husband to Dusseldorf Germany..My husband was still staying with his parents in their home..
So i joined and we were living as a happy family,two weeks after my arrival in german i noticed my husband had changed his bedroom behavior,he could fuck me almost 4hrs ,i cried and pleaded but he insisted that am his wife and i should fulfill my duties to know too much of something is poisonous and you cant enjoy it when its too much..I fell pregnant and in 2015 january i conceived our daughter.. My husband sexual desires kept growing and he did that to me even when i was 8months pregnant .when my daughter was 3months i started feeling sick and when i went to the doctor shock on me i was carrying another pregnancy..i felt like aborting it but i couldnt because my husband and his parents were against i had to struggle with my pregnancy and my little daughter,in late november the same year 2015 i gave birth to my boy..
I wanted to immediately used a family planning but my mother inlaw was mother inlaw was lovely but he used to be under control of everything,my husband is a mamas boy and before he does anything he has to consult his mother,during december that year my husband went to morocco for a holiday With his friends,i was left alone because my son was still young and i didnt want to move him around,for two weeks in morocco his phone was off all this time no,checking on the kids as he usually does no anything,i was stressed as you know how morocco is with those ladies..when he came back from holiday,he was just cold,and i noticed his phone had a password.Asking him he day while we were sleeping,i took the phone and tried cracking the password ,and yes i did it,i went direct to the gallery and what i saw i almost went mad..
I found photos of my husband with some two ladies in bed,the ladies looked like those thailand girls,one was sucking his dick while the other one was massaging him,i cried tears that i have never cried in my even after fulfilling my duties as a wife,someone could still go to look for hookers to suck his dick..when he woke up he found me crying with his phone on the hand,he asked what i was doing with his phone and why am crying ,we exchanged words to almost a point of fighting ,his parents down stairs heard the comotion and came to see what was happening..Immediately he had his parents coming he snatched the phone from my hand and deleted the photos ,i tried explaining to the parents but they declained since there was no evidence,my husband defended himself saying am just jealousy for nothing .I decided to act as a fool because my kids were still young and i couldnt start moving up and down with them.i acted a fool but everytime my husband could touch me i could cry remembering the photo with the girls in bed.I ignored everything because i just had to make it work ,we were still young couples and i couldnt imagine going back home that am divorced..
Due to his guilt concious he started buying for me presents,pretending to always be there for us,taking me for dinner but still that picture i saw was killing me deep inside.
Last year may i fell pregnant again with my third child ,due to a condition i have my gyna recommended that i use natural family planning until my son is 1yr old but on the way my husband declined using condoms and hence my third pregnancy,when he knew i was pregnant,he was happy ..I thought that would make my husband calm down but huyu malaya amenifika kwenye koo this round.. After making me a baby machine he now travelles in different countries fucking ladies while am here with my big stomach and children carrying left and right..when i ask his parents to talk to him they say nothing ,am here stressed with fake labour waiting to give birth in some month time twende divorce with this son of a bitch but i dont know how i will bring up my kids alone am 26yrs old..
and those wondering how he used to fuck me for 4hrs,yes my husband is a sex maniach and to add on that he takes some pills and theres a lotion he applieas on his dick that makes him erect for hours..


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