I remember when i used to model in nairobi,i started modelling in my first year at the university,after my first trial i got many requests from designers to be show casing their work on runways.I saw myself going places with modeling,i even imagined being the next Naomi Campbel,but somewhere along my journey i met my downfall in form of a man..it was on this friday that i was invited by a designer to showcase her bikini wear at brew bistro that i met this 28year old italian man..after my runway he followed me and requested if i could join him for a drink,i accepted because the guy looked cute and young.so after changing i joined him ,he was hanging out with his friends.The night was so nice,we danced we drunk and at around 3am we parted ways after exchanging contacts and schedling a lunchdate the following at intercontinental.He paid my uber and we drove off with my friends..
So the following day we met for lunch at intercon,i delayed but found him already there,wow when i saw him my heart skipped i mean he looked more cute than,he,was at,the club..so after lunch we had some talks,he,told me he would be around for 2weeks and he liked me so much,his daddy is a businessman and he was establishing some company here in kenya..Then i was staying in some apartment in karen.He was a photographer and told me he would like a photo session with,me so on sunday we went to Ngonghills for photography and it was until too late then he suggested that i should stay at his apartmen.i did…
I spent my night here and it was the longest night ever.After drinking some whisky.we sslept in the same bed ,by the way i used to take whiiskey but not anymore after what it caused me to fall into.after a serious romance and cuddling we were so high and we wanted more of ourselves ,how stupid i was i fucked with this boy without a condom..In the morning i was thinking what if hes HIV positive,what if i get pregnant.but my chances for pregnancy were zero because i always monitor my,cycle so i never took p2..After we met again before he left fr Italy..so i was left behind not knowing i was carrying a kid..Two months no periods i decided to test and here it was positive..I didnt know,how he would,take it but he was responsible and he had to know about it.so i told him and he accepted that i should just keep it..
After a month Romeo came back we did a civil marriage and i moved to italy..I was adviced when i arrived there i apply for a residence permit which ii. Received one month after my arrival in italy..i was given 5years stay permit..Two months in italy i realised how i had made a bad choice,my romeo started using me to fullfill his sexual desires,he would fuck me and cum in my mouth,one time he fucked my asshole auch..whenn i was almoost 8months pregnant,i talked to my cousin who was in belgium and asked if i could visit thats how i was able to runaway .
I gave birth to a babygal while at my cousin place..Am comfortable where i am now but romeo is calling everytime wanting to see the child,but what i know he will never set his evil eyes on my daughter after sodomizing me even when i was very pregnant,i will bring up my child man solo..hawa wazungu nawakodolea tu macho kwanza Ben 10s ,nimejichuna maskio


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