dating outside your race /online

Hi ladies…i just need some advice…this is my pseudo account ..since i dont want some of my friends to know about this issue.
so is goes like this…i have been married for like 7 years and have two lovely daughters but from different men…the first daugher was a game which went stale i was 23 by then…i met the dad in one of the dating sites and he came to nairobi to visit me then invited me and paid my flight ticket to his place…he was and guess that he still lives in zimbabwe…when i came back to kenya afteri the visiting i found out that i was pregnant…but before i had met him i was in a relationship with another man from the same dating site but he lived in europe…bytheway both of them are european… so the one that lived in europe was in a separated relationship to a kenyan lady…he also came to visit me …and had a wonderful time..but then something happened and he broke up with me but we continued chatting via mails and he called several times…he was still living with this woman and had a child with her……(going back to the baby part) when i found out that i was pregnant the father to my child decided just to dissappear…he did not even bother to come see his child…okay he was sending money but it was just some 3k or 5k i told the other guy in europe about my problem and he was really generous he could send me like 20k every month for the upkeep of my daughter…he even took us on holiday to dubai…and had promised to invite me and my daughter to germany…he had done all the paper works and had sent us…i was to go to the embassy to apply the visa …but needed also a flight booking which i asked and asked till i got tired…he then said that he wants to stay with this lady for the sake of the daughter…okay i did not give up hopes…i started looking for aupair jobs and i was lucky or should i say God was good to me i got one..and it was in germany…so i left my daughter with my mom and went away…before i left the father to my daughter came back and wanted us to be together he even bought a piece of land near daystar and has built a house there…eventhough i have never seen it…anyway i went to germany ..met my husband with whom am married now…he is only 2 years older then me…but kuna venye chemistry i lianza kuisha between me and him….he is a caring and loving man..but my love for him just died…unfortunately or should i say fortunately the german guy with the kenyan lady got intouch and we connected…and the chemistry is like some years back…he is divorcing the lady…and if all goes well might move in together…another thing i did not mention is that my daughters birthcertificate is registered under his name…and sooner or later she will want to know who the father is…