Let’s Cook African Food Sundays’ |Fish Curry

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main Ingredients
Tilapia Fish
garam masala
avocado for the salad
tomatoes for the fish curry


Let’s Cook African Food Sundays’ |Fish Curry
marinate the fish (garlic|ginger|garam masala|turmeric|salt)
let the marinated fish sit in the fridge for maximumu1 hour
for the curry (panfry the onions on high medium heat ,add the turmeric,garlic,garam masala let them cook for a min then add your tomatoes lower the heat …..after 2 mins add your corriander ,greenpepper and let them simmer
N/B use the same pan you used for panfrying the fish for the juices .
for the panfry fish
pour sunflower or vegetable oil on a non-stick pan on high heat ..when the oil is steaming hot place your marinated fish let it cook on each side for approximately 3 mins each
top it of with your avocado salad|guacomole .

watch the full video here