nairobi diaries season 6 reunion part 2 | KEMUNTO REVIEWS

nairobi diaries season 6 reunion part 2 | KEMUNTO REVIEWS

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🌴🌴🎞🎥🌴🌴nairobi diaries season 6 episode 7

👯🏿👧🏿nairobi diaries season 6 episode 3

💏🏿👫🏿❤nairobi diaries season 6 episode 1

❤ nairobi diaries season 6 episode 5

nairobi diaries season 6 episode 4 Kemunto Review

nairobi diaries season 6 ORIGINAL INK PRODUCTION VIDEO


Nairobi diaries all the cast and production instagram handles S06 Ep11 TONIGHT 21/8 @k24tv @10pm @_the_ghetto_princess @ladyrisper @michelleyola @bridgetachieng @mishi_dorah @luwicapello @notiflow @colonelmustafa @brayo79 @aliiptisam bootyoverload lipundaoverloading 😜😜 smackdown gossipreloaded 😜 seriousdrama lotsoflust talentoverflowing on @k24tv @inkproductionsltd @stedmakgardenskaren @toranj

.honest review about cast members arabian princess aliiptisam, serah Molly,Mishi ,bridget achieng,michelle yola,lisamartinez and pendo woc , darkskin tones , women of colour , natural hair
if you don’t know nairobi diaries is a reality show the first and the rachet one at that in kenya the cast consist of the most rachet women in nairobi i.e ,mishy dorah(famous for sleeping with rayvanny,serah molly(lazy ass big boobs) pendo(the ghetto princess lowkey kind of like her attitude),notiflow (the bisexual unknown musician with a bleached wannabe rihanna) lisa martinez(the adapted confused wannabe millionaire) brigette (the upcoming youtuber who is against everybody a bully ) Michelle a.k.a yola(the ex or lover of prezzo no one really knows there are on and off she is gonna go to rehab sooner than later she addicted to tattos hehehehehe) risper (the girl with the big dragged matakos yaani ASS a.k.a internet STAR ) VERA SIDIKA (SHE QUIT THE SHOW ANOTHER BIG ASS INTERNET MODEL )BRAYO ATLANTA DUDE (CHALI WA RISPER WITH A FAKE ACCENT )

vlogs in kenya


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