Moving In Studio Apartment On A Budget Nairobi, Kenya πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ (Bedsitter Chronicles) #Nairobilife

Where should I start I fumble with my thoughts πŸ’­…….

I’m the kind of storyteller who wanna tell it all (explaining every detail, every thought from start to finish)…

Kkkkk let me start I am going to try as hard as possible to makes it short. (🀣🀣🀣🀣) yeah right…

My friend let’s name my friend S….. S was from Mombasa, S lived & worked in Mombasa City.

I used to go to university in Mombasa and that’s how S and I knew each other…… I later moved back to Nairobi after Uni ended (by the way am born and raised in Nairobi πŸ™)

So where I was mmmmmmmhhh ok so S contacted me a while back 2017, S got a contract in Nairobi and was looking for a place to stay in the city.

Now this is where the search started looking for apartments… S didn’t want something big more so 1 bedroom or a studio apartment will suit S perfectly (studio house is a commonly known as a Bedsitter).

As a dear friend that I am I offered to search the vacant apartments to let… S wanted something that was near to where S worked so we searched online, on Facebook groups you know that Keja hunt or who is moving out I moved in page yeah that one (by the way talking about who is moving out I move in page, I got a great deal of a bed and bought it.. People sell they house goods stuff at a good price)….

Let me tell you what I discovered living in Nairobi life is pretty much on the high end, housing is sooooo expensive like for example the studio house I was getting were ranging from 8500ksh (85$) to 10,000ksh (100$) on a kawaida estate imagine… And one bedroom was from legit 16000ksh (160$) per month..

Anyhoo we ended up getting the studio apartment (ka Bedsitter) and I helped S moved in today as I am writing this, I am laying on the bed I just finished making and spreading for S (Will insert pics before and after) bear in mind I ain’t no expert but I like what I like. Sooooooo as I am typing S is in town.,S went to pick more stuff for the house….

Let’s talk about the sheets and the Duvet. S had requested last week for me to buy them.. I went on a local market where there sell vintage stuff (Gikomba) and bought them.. I had to bargain really hard to get a good price cause I S had Mpesa me money and was on a budget.. Being Kemunto yaani me am pretty fashionable well I do consider myself chanuka (meaning fashionista πŸ€£πŸ˜„) and a really good shopper, I got really good white sheets the mama who was selling them had a new bail the sheets were all white and really looked they were never used before… I got πŸ’― %microfiber sheets (omgwaaaddd this sheets are sooooo soft I even bought 2 for myself).. I bought S 3 sheets (2flat sheets and 1 fitted sheets) total cost 700ksh (7$)for the sheets and the duvet light green 2000ksh.

Here are the pic

N/B S bought the bed will ask S the price of the bed….

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My YouTube Channel Got Suspended βž• The πŸ†• YouTube Partnership Program

Earlier January or was it late December I can’t keep up or recall(cause of all the Christmas and holidays extravaganza, I was happy and on my zone) .. I saw the Logan Paul vlog the famous Japanese suicide vlog trending.. I didn’t care to bother watching it cause you know I was so busy living (little did I know this Vlog will affect the whole youtube thinggyyy that if you haven’t noted only affects “small creators”)…. I saw it on CNN NEWS that’s when I knew it’s trouble in the YouTube Paradise.

The YouTube Partnership Program changed, every video vlog I posted got immediately demonitinized but I appealed immediately and got it back to monetize.. Then came the 3 (or is it 4,5…….?) strick rules update of youtube that you have to qualify to get paid by youtube (yaani meaning your videos to be monetized) ….

  1. 4000 hours watch time from the past 12 months.
  2. 1000 subscribers
  3. 10000 total watch view…….

All this qualifications you have to have qualified by the deadline 20th February 2018.. The D date that every small creator like you and me (note not #LoganPaul, who in my honest opinion lead to all this new advertiser friendly rules regulations to be updated will not suffer, the guy has over 10 million subscribers over a billion watch time…)

So my point is and I will attach the screen shots here of my letter from YouTube telling me without clarification why they have decided to suspend my YouTube channel, my community that I have learned and grow with over the past year, my 1670 subbies, my over 540000 total views, over 200 videos, my memories I had created and sweated to create all gone by the wind πŸƒ……

I love youtube and will still keep on believing will get my channel back.. They can keep they monetization cause honestly I was not getting much on that.. But please youtube I need my channel back.


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