Moving In Studio Apartment On A Budget Nairobi, Kenya πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ (Bedsitter Chronicles) #Nairobilife

Where should I start I fumble with my thoughts πŸ’­…….

I’m the kind of storyteller who wanna tell it all (explaining every detail, every thought from start to finish)…

Kkkkk let me start I am going to try as hard as possible to makes it short. (🀣🀣🀣🀣) yeah right…

My friend let’s name my friend S….. S was from Mombasa, S lived & worked in Mombasa City.

I used to go to university in Mombasa and that’s how S and I knew each other…… I later moved back to Nairobi after Uni ended (by the way am born and raised in Nairobi πŸ™)

So where I was mmmmmmmhhh ok so S contacted me a while back 2017, S got a contract in Nairobi and was looking for a place to stay in the city.

Now this is where the search started looking for apartments… S didn’t want something big more so 1 bedroom or a studio apartment will suit S perfectly (studio house is a commonly known as a Bedsitter).

As a dear friend that I am I offered to search the vacant apartments to let… S wanted something that was near to where S worked so we searched online, on Facebook groups you know that Keja hunt or who is moving out I moved in page yeah that one (by the way talking about who is moving out I move in page, I got a great deal of a bed and bought it.. People sell they house goods stuff at a good price)….

Let me tell you what I discovered living in Nairobi life is pretty much on the high end, housing is sooooo expensive like for example the studio house I was getting were ranging from 8500ksh (85$) to 10,000ksh (100$) on a kawaida estate imagine… And one bedroom was from legit 16000ksh (160$) per month..

Anyhoo we ended up getting the studio apartment (ka Bedsitter) and I helped S moved in today as I am writing this, I am laying on the bed I just finished making and spreading for S (Will insert pics before and after) bear in mind I ain’t no expert but I like what I like. Sooooooo as I am typing S is in town.,S went to pick more stuff for the house….

Let’s talk about the sheets and the Duvet. S had requested last week for me to buy them.. I went on a local market where there sell vintage stuff (Gikomba) and bought them.. I had to bargain really hard to get a good price cause I S had Mpesa me money and was on a budget.. Being Kemunto yaani me am pretty fashionable well I do consider myself chanuka (meaning fashionista πŸ€£πŸ˜„) and a really good shopper, I got really good white sheets the mama who was selling them had a new bail the sheets were all white and really looked they were never used before… I got πŸ’― %microfiber sheets (omgwaaaddd this sheets are sooooo soft I even bought 2 for myself).. I bought S 3 sheets (2flat sheets and 1 fitted sheets) total cost 700ksh (7$)for the sheets and the duvet light green 2000ksh.

Here are the pic

N/B S bought the bed will ask S the price of the bed….

P/S :add me on Instagram @kemuntobear2016 πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—





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