ello, so it’s Friday or better still friyay.. You may expect that since it’s Friday night I might be out partying or 🍷 wining and dining with my better half.. Oh well you are wrong (well apart from the 🍷 that part absolutely true)….

Tonight I decided to make a little bit of a home spa day and treat myself i. e my face with a good old ancient Bentonite Clay face mask.

Don’t ask me where I bought it (

Sssshhh I borrowed without asking from my niece _who is currently an addict off all hair and face dyi) 😉

😃 So this is how I mix my home spa face mask…

1/4 teaspoon of water

➕ 1cup of Bentonite Clay

Use a plastic container and also a spoon 🥄 that is plastic (very important to use only plastic to mix this two ingredients kkkkk)

Open up your pores by first washing your face with warm water (I use black african soap also known as dudu osun) steam your face with hot water be careful doing so

Now apply your mask on your face leave it for 30 minutes max rinse with only warm water.

Benefits of the clay that I have trully seen on my face and that I can testify too

Benefits of a Bentonite Clay Mask

❤️Heals and regenerates skin tissue

  • ❤️Draws out toxins
  • ❤️Treats acne (prevents breakouts and helps clear up acne)
  • ❤️Unclogs and shrinks pores
  • ❤️Prevents blackheads
  • ❤️Reduces appearance of scars
  • ❤️Excellent natural exfoliator
  • ❤️Evens out skin tone
  • ❤️Leaves skin feeling softer
  • ❤️Leaves your face glowing!

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