Where To Eat The Best Caribbean Jerk Chicken In My City CJ’S Nairobi, Kenya. Ft My Sister

Hey 😋 yeah we are back again at CJ’s Restraunt with my family the best in Nairobi Kenya. Kwanza I want to thank you all for accepting the food tour challenge by continuing giving that first review 100 + 👍🏿👍🤗
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food tour challenge
📝Menu Meal Order :
🍗 Caribbean Jerk Chicken ➡️1090 ksh
🥪 Kid’s meal chicken cheese sandwich ➡️490 ksh

CJ’s review #CJS
You don’t rate a restaurant by comparing it to every other restaurant in the world.
Good food is the most important thing to me as well as a comfortable environment to enjoy it in
(CJ’S get a 5 star 🌟 for Ambience ) .
Service ➡️The server rate 5 🌟 took my order and delivered my food & drink promptly.
Dining here is definitely a luxury ( table service, didn’t mix up the order. promptly asked if we wanted the check after our final course dishes were cleared on the table)

Food ➡️the ingredients were fresh, properly prepared, served at the proper temperature, seasoned well, and tasty. Our chicken was organically reared and breed… The marinated jerk chicken taste – texture – aroma- presentation 5 🌟

Cleanliness ➡️5 🌟 👌

😉 If you see this comment Kemunto you did in my feelings drake challenge . Obviously Ciara’s dance challenge was the cool #DotheShiggy #inmyfeelings Again CJ’s Restraunt did meet up to my expectations and what I paid for the meal.

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