My first time flying in a Plane 😁 ✈Nairobi, Kenya |Kemunto Bear

My first time flying in a Plane 😁 ✈Nairobi, Kenya |Kemunto Bear

My first time flying in a Plane.. Watch till end it’s amazing.
It’s my first ever in a flight I am so excited.
Finally revealing the destination…. Lamu old Town …. It’s a Island 🏝… Dreams do come true.
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We booked our tickets online with Silverstone Airline. (will give tips on how to find cheaper flights) literally just call them on phone before booking online.
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Skip to 13:49 min that’s why Wilson Airport video starts if you not up to it to watch the full video 😉
My flight experience :
1min – 9min (At JAVA taking coffee)
9min – 13min (Uber to the Wilson Airport)
Also mukbang eating snacks on the Uber 😉
13:49 min – arrive at Wilson Airport
15:11min – arrived at Silverstone Air Airport Lounge
15:44 min – check in baggage
16:25min – boarded shuttle bus to departure (boarding gate)
16:37 min – got my boarding pass
16:52 min – typical kenyanyoutuber gasping over free wifi internet on the lounge.
18:11 min – on the airport run way
18:50 min – Kemunto bear freaking out
18:55min – boarding the plane
19:27 min – it’s actually funny the air hostess /flight attendant 😂 just skip and watch
19:51 min – the aeroplane take offs the run way
20:20 min – finally on air
24:17 min – arrived at Manda Airport
24:33 min – riding a boat to Jetty
The end arriving at our airbnb Lamu accommodation… Petley’s Inn
My next flight will be back to Nairobi.
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