A Day In My Life In Arusha, Tanzania +5 Things I Did :#TourGuide |Kemunto Bear

A Day In My Life In Arusha, Tanzania +5 Things I Did :#TourGuide |Kemunto BearA DAY IN MY LIFE LIVING IN ARUSHA TANZANIA I basically tour guide you to more 5 Things To Do In Arusha. Yo watch till the end I tried the local bears.. Wattt the Safari Larger is really strong was tipsy on my fourth bottle 🍾

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Arusha is a typical small, dusty Sub-Saharan African town and that is part of its charm. Set at the foot of Mount Meru, it has bustling markets next to old, rather delapidated colonial buildings interspersed with more modern shops, all set on pot-holed roads filled with hooting taxis (daladala) and crazy drivers. It’s hard not to feel the beat of Africa here.

First settled in the 1830’s by the Maasai people, the town was conquered by the Germans in the early 1900’s, who built the fort (Boma) which still stands. The British took the town during WW1 and it remained in their hands until independence was granted to the then Tanganyika in 1961. In July 2006, Arusha was declared a city by Tanzania. This chequered past adds to the mixture of architecture and culture still found here.
in the middle of Arusha, is the Clock Tower circle. Built in the 1950’s, urban legend has it that this is the central meeting point for tourists and locals.

Getting Around
Speak to the Tanzania Tourist Board in Boma Road, or your hosts, to get a feel of where to go for safaris and where to avoid.

Fifi’s Restaurant , Themi Road
They offer local and organic fare with wi-fi access, close to the centre of Arusha. Watch out for their quiz nights – a great way to meet people! They coffee is amazing

Mount Meru Hotel
The best for happyhours drink they have a bar and they happy hour extends upto 10p.m. You’re guaranteed to find something to nibble on, though, their menu is enormous and covers a wide range of international delicacies – Mexican, Chinese, Burgers, steaks, fish … you name it, they’ve got it.they hotel is a five star hotel. Delicious food with an outdoor bar and seating in a beautiful garden, this place offers regular happy hour , live music and a great place to hang out – eating, drinking, and being merry.
Drinking & Dancing, Arusha-Style
Pubs, clubs, live music and dancing: the nightlife in Arusha offers something to suit everybody. (though I must be honest their music was quit off the djs weren’t bringing their game online and I expected alot of bongo music but nah they didn’t play aki Diamond Platnumz song 😭😭😭😭

Gettin’ Cultural & Goin’ Shoppin’
Maasai Market Curios and crafts is the way to go for souvenirs and gifts to take home to remind you of your safari experience at a very affordable price.

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